How To Pint Godaddy To Click Funnels

Now you are about to learn how to pint GoDaddy to click funnels in three easy steps.

Before you begin this process you’ll to make sure your domain’s root it’s already set up.

After that you have to go to step 1: you need to create a Cname record by singing in their website when you are done you need to pick your domain’s DNS settings.

Make sure that a Cname with the name WWW it’s available, once you do edit the target to be redirected to clickfunnel’s website.

After you are done go to step 2: add a forward rule by scrolling down in the forward settings, selecting https://, entering your domain, setting it up in “permanent” and “forward only”.

Update once and save.

Now we go to the 3rd and final step: adding your domain with Clickfunnels.

This is the easiest one since all you have to do it’s click the “use existing domain” option, input your domain, click on the “done step” option, associate your domain with a funnel and validate your SSL.

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