The Sneaky Cpa Funnel 2.0 – How To Create Simple Effective Funnel

Hello Jesisco here,

Big Disclaimer : results are not typical. I’m not promising you will get the same results. You may have less, none or higher. It’s all up to you.

Thank you so much for your interest in Sneaky Cpa Funnel version 2.0. I have put a lot of work into this to show you in as much detail as possible the exact steps I took from having no strategy to become sucessful as a Cpa affiliate in less than 21 days.

I built a complete funnel for you, you could download it for free at the end or if you prefer you could learn to build it yourself. I made it possible on next page with step by step instruction for free.

But first things first…

What’s CPA Marketing

CPA Marketing or Cost per acquisition (CPA), also known as “Cost per action” or pay per acquisition (PPA) and cost per conversion, is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for a specified acquisition – for example a sale, click, or form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc.).

You earn a commission or fee for promoting CPA offers or apps.

Promotion can be done through :
 Blog
 Webpage
 Email campaign
 Search (search engines)
 Mobile
 Social media…
Whatever approved method…

You don’t need to create your own product and deal with client support as a Cpa marketer. And if done right it could be very profitable as business model.

What you need to succeed is : knowledge + action

You will have the first one here (knowledge). Taking action is yours. If you don’t act you won’t see anything. Sorry to say that. But i wanted to make it very clear for you.

The Best CPA networks

Some offers or apps could bring you between $0.1 to $15 per completed action. And they could be found on the most popular CPA networks. And absolutely free to join. I would advice to choose one and stick to it as a newbie.
 Maxbounty

The Best Cpa funnel

Let’s assume this – We spent $20 to get traffic (100 targeted clics) to promote a Cpa offer that pays $2/completed action.

The commoun ways

Generally here is how people promote Cpa offers : They drive traffic to their landing page (a squeeze page/ a presell page/ a site…) and as soon as the prospect join their mailing list, he is redirected to the Cpa offer. This method works. But it’s less profitable than my « sneaky cpa funnel » one.

Here are typical results from 100 clics

  • we got 40 optins
  • For 37% conversion rate we got 15 completed actions.
  • That’s $30 as revenue
  • $10 Profit. We’re in profit.

Sometimes people drive traffic directly to the offer and get generally less than 10% conversion rate.

Here are typical results also from 100 clics

  • 10 completed actions
  • That’s $20 as revenue
  • $0 no loss no profit. We’re not in business.

Sneaky Cpa Funnel – The new way to crash Cpa commissions

You need a « sneaky cpa funnel » in place before driving draffic.

What’s a « sneaky cpa funnel » ?

It is a funnel built around multiple cpa offers that allows to double or even triple your « profits » from the same traffic. It almost helps you to make commissions for FREE.

The tools

(disclaimer: some contain affiliate links)

You would need following tools in order to set up your sneaky cpa funnel :
 A site (domain name) and/or clickfunnel
 3 to 4 cpa offers (Affiliate offers work too)

The Process – The Philosophy of Sneaky Cpa Funnel

We drive our targeted 100 clics to landing page. Their very first clic leads to offers. The first is a cpa offer ($2 if completed) and the second is our optin page.

And if we keep the same stats, here is what we have as outcome :

  • From 100 clics we got 40 optins.
  • Every optin leads is redirected to a confirmation page where clic will be multiplied by 2 again. The first for another cpa offer ($2 if completed) and the second goes to the thank you page.
  • We have 2 Cpa offers on that page to get completed. $2/action.
  • Roughly we could make $2+$2+(2*$2)=$8/lead

That’s over $320 for all those 40 optins. Not mention that you still could promote offers thorugh a 5 day email series. Profit is $300 and we’re building our list for FREE.

That’s what we call « sneaky cpa funnel ». That funnel helps to bank $6-8$/lead from a $2 cpa offer. The higher payout the better.

If you’re going to create this kind of funnel, let me know if you need help or more details…. Or just visit my step by step tutorial here. 

Before you go, here is your done for you funnel, if you don’t have time to build yours. I’m sharing it through clickfunnels so you need an account their in order to download it. Click here to create yours and click here to download your sneaky cpa funnel.

Now what’s next? Take action and start driving traffic to your funnel. Simply.

For more support, you can email us at 

Wish you all the best

-The Funnel of the day Team