The Sneaky Cpa Funnel 2.0 : How To Create Your First Funnel

How To Create Cpa Funnel That Generates Sales Instantly

Hi Francis here thank you again so much for your feedback. And as promised here is your step by step guide to build your very first Sneaky Cpa Funnel.

Always here to hear and give you value. So don’t worry you can contact me anytime at

Reminding : You need following tools in order to create your funnel

The Top 7 Steps To Build Your First Funnel

Here are following steps to build it yourself

  1. Get domains on namecheap
  2. Connect domains to your hosting account
  3. Build the funnel
  4. Connect domains to your Clickmagic
  5. Connect Rotator and your funnel
  6. Add offers into Clickmagic
  7. Start your traffic campaigns

Get domains on namecheap

I bought 2 domains (one for the main site and another for clickmagic as rotator domain). They cost just $5.76 because i’m going for .me

Connect Domains To Your Hosting Account

I’m using hostnine to host my domain. That’s why I have to change domain name servers here.

Contact your hosting company if you don’t know how to do it or simply ask for your dns. They will help to point your domain to your own servers.

Then go to your Cpanel to add your domain there too.

You will get something like this if you did it correctly


Congratulations. Now you need to install WordPress on that brand new domain. Don’t worry, very easy or you can go to Youtube and search for « how to install wordpress »

Once completed here is the result.

Build The Funnel

After that you have to install Instabuilder if you won’t go with clickfunnels. Follow steps below to install this plugin (It’s not free)

Then you have to activate it and insert your license like I did.

All right. Now you use Instabuilder or CLickfunnel to create exactly 4 pages like the ones below :

I’m not going to show you how to build them because you can use their own tutorial to do so. And don’t copy exactly word by word what I did.

Connect Domain To Your Clickmagic Account

Select the second domain we bought. That’s the one we will use with Clickmagic.

Add  Wher you have the red bar. Replace the previous data there with what I just gave you. And you go to your Clickmagic account :

Click Tools/Domain Manager and add your second domain there like I did. See picture above.

Then you have to create your rotator : click Rotators/Create New Rotator then fill form form like I did.

You could always use their Help section if you don’t know how to do it exactly. 🙂

Well done buddy.

Connect Rotator And Your Funnel

Really proud of you because you did it. No by reading this part but by taking action until here. You deserve success and you’re not far.

Now copy your rotator link you just created and go paste it in your funnel

Here is mine :

Paste your link under action button for following pages

Add offfers into Clickmagic

All you have to do now is to insert your Cpa offers in your Clickmagic rotator and you don’t have to touch something in your funnel.

If an offer dies, you just replace it directly in clickmagic not in funnel.

Here are Cpa offers I chose from Maxbounty network.

Here is how to insert them in your vehicule :


Click « Add url » and boom you’re good to rock and roll.

And finally you’re next step is to drive massive traffic to your funnel, relax and see money roll in your account.


So… again , if you felt lost, just contact me. I’m here to help.

Don’t forget to download you dfy funnel.

  1. Create your account here if you don’t have one
  2. Download it here.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Take care

The Funnel of the day Team